Happy Autistics Speaking Day!

I don’t actually speak in the literal sense all that often; I use a speech generating device and sign language to help me communicate more easily. And I love typing, writing, texting, tweeting. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for awhile, so this seemed like the perfect day to begin.

As a multiply marginalized person, I know that choosing to continue to exist in this world is an act of rebellion. What I’d like to add to that ongoing rebellion, now, is a more dedicated space for sharing my truths. I’m on Twitter all the time, but any of my more relevant thoughts there are mixed in with nonsensical livetweeting of my favorite shows and yelling about out-of-context wizard rock. And I write #ownvoices novels full of queer neurodivergent characters, but thus far no one reads those. So I want to consolidate my rebellion words here, in a format I can direct others to if they might be interested in what I have to say.

So what do I have to say? I exist. I exist in defiance of normal. I do not fit expectations, yet I and people like me have inherent worth anyway. Maybe we do not look or sound or think or communicate or move or dress or act the way typical people do. Too often this prompts typical people to dismiss us, and their world has long since been built to systematically exclude us. I have a lot to say about that.

So who am I? A version of the existing summary found in an intro thread on my Twitter will pretty much cover it:

I’m endever*! Yes, lowercase and with a star. My pronouns are they/them/theirs/themself or xe/xem/xyrs/xemself.

I’m trans! Lots of words apply: neuro-enby neutrois stargender/dryagender/fasciboy-flux contrabinary genderpunk mostly sums it up. 😀

I’m queer! Acevague/arovague; sexual/romantic/platonic attractions usually governed by gender noncomformity, queerness, and punkness.

I’m autistic! Yes identity-first language, no functioning labels, yes stimming unapologetically, no ABA. I’m somewhat faceblind, synaesthetic, semiverbal, and use AAC part-time.

I’m otherwise disabled! I self-summarize with the positively reclaimed “crazy”, and also get frequent migraines. I’m on meds, in therapy, in and out of the hospital, and chronically tired of ableism.

I will yell about ableism! Systemic & interpersonal, ideological & linguistic. And I will yell about other oppressions! I’m forever learning intersectional anti-oppressive activism and I hope you are too. If I’m messing up in an area I hold privilege, I want to hear about it. If you have the desire and spoons, feel welcome to contact me. And if I’m not giving content warnings you need, please let me know. I can get better at it.

I’m low-income – I live on disability benefits and have to spend a lot of my time trying to access services/supports. I’m most culturally comfortable with other poor people.

I’m an unschooler! I value learning over formal education/grades. I’m against compulsory school and all for investing in libraries. I volunteer at the public library – I’m unable to work an actual job right now but usually pull off a couple hours/week of pulling requested items.

Libraries are basically a special interest for me. My main, giant special interest is Harry Potter, but often whatever TV show I’m rewatching also qualifies.

I’m a writer! Historically a poet, I’ve now written two novels and have started working on the last in the trilogy. I also make crafts and would love to send some to you! See this thread on my Twitter for info on the buttons I have available and how to request them: buttons!

That’s me! So expect this blog to be about any and all of that. (Yes, probably including some Harry Potter stuff here and there.) There are times I like this life of mine and times that I very don’t, but in either case I find value in the sharing of it. I believe that friendship and compassion and relationship-building and listening and truth-telling are important ways to change the world. Maybe, just maybe, I can do a little bit of that changing here.

4 thoughts on “Happy Autistics Speaking Day!

    1. yay, ty for reading! definitely have some aac posts in the works, and if you don’t see mention of hp in the month or two I’ve probably been possessed by some kind of evil spirit 😀


  1. I really love this post! You are so so so right about existing as an act of resistance. Lately I’ve been trying to balance that inherent truth and embracing it with finding ways to take breaks, as much as is possible, from having to focus on that. I’m sure there is no perfect answer and it takes a lot of experimentation when it comes to what that balance is. Do you have any thoughts on where it is for you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, what a great question. Hmm. I mean personally because the stress of existing in this world is one thing that can contribute to my mental illness symptoms, I think keeping an eye on my warning signs is one way I try to measure whether this dialectic is out of balance and whether I need to step back and due some self-care. But so often it can be more subtle than that, and I think I’m still learning how to integrate respites into my advocacy approach to life. Thanks for getting me thinking about this, maybe I can develop my thoughts further and work it into a future post; I think it’s a really important point marginalized people need to attend to if we’re going to pull off creating a nore just world.


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